Retaking AP tests

I had taken the AP Bio test last year and got a 4 (self studied so it nothing’s on my official school transcript). I was planning on retaking the test this year and reporting the higher of the two score. However, I’ve recently learned that if you submit scores for an AP test, you must submit all of your scores from that exam. In other words, I’m either going to have to submit both scores or neither score. I wanted to see if that was truly the case and if it was, would it be worth still going through and taking the AP Bio test in May, still without a formal class from my high school. I want to be a Biochem major and plan on taking the AP Chem class in my high school next year if that makes a difference.
(I’ve already signed up for the test but should be able to get a refund if I request it before the end of the month)

Any advice will be good. Thank you!

For most colleges, you self report AP score on the application, so you only needs to report the higher score.

I personally think it’s a waste to retake,especially if you will be taking other AP exams this year. AP score without the course mean little foe admissions

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Ok thank you!

The weight of AP tests in admissions decisions ranges from none at all to slight, the value of AP tests without taking the actual course is diminished, and the difference between 4 and 5 is minor. Is there a school that you are thinking of that awards credit for a 5 and not a 4? That’s the only value I could see.

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I don’t have a college in mind that only awards credit for a 5, but I was just wondering if not having 5’s would hurt me given that I do want to pursue a major related to biology.

Having a 4 well not hurt you in admissions.