Retaking classes to boost GPA

Hello, I’m looking for advice. I’m embarrassed to say I’m 24 without a degree. I’ve been in community college for 3 years now, during the time I got pregnant and gave birth to my son. I naively thought I could do everything, and maintained working, school and watching a newborn. I ended up doing awful in my classes. I got a B- in a core major class and it bothers me. I know retaking doesn’t erase it, but it DOES erase it from your GPA. A B- isn’t bad, but it’s not competitive to transfer since it’s a B- in community college. I just don’t know if I should retake, or take other similar courses to make up for it… advice? I’m hoping to one day transfer for my bachelors and masters.

It’s not worth repeating a class in which you got a B-. That would be a low grade if you were trying to get into medical school, but otherwise it isn’t a big deal. It is pretty darn good when you add in bearing a child and nurturing a newborn in the mix! Save the money and keep moving forward.

One B- will not destroy your transfer chances. Make an appointment with the Transfer Advisor at your CC, and start working on a good list of target institutions for your transfer applications. Most Transfer Advisors are skilled at helping students find good places to finish their bachelor degrees.