Retaking courses - how many and did you get accepted?

Currently 2 semesters left at HVCC, with my #1 choice being RPI to transfer, then Clarkson. First few semesters were a joke, but thankfully I have now made a turnaround boosting my scores and retaking courses I have done slightly poor in. Maybe a liitle too poor. (maybe due to the fact I was 16 yo as a freshman…I’m proud of myself :slight_smile: )
Anyways, if I retake about ~5ish courses getting all A’s and B’s will this be good or bad for admissions? I sorta do not have a choice right now, but for the people who got accepted what was your GPA and courses you retook,
Thank You,

I do not think this is the best forum for this. You need to contact RPI admissions directly. They and only they will know the answer.