Retaking courses over the summer! HELPPP!

<p>During my sophmore year I failed H GeometryB(second semester) and got a D in both H English 10B(second semester), and H Chemistry.
I didn’t do well in these honors courses so I retook them during the summer and the school year but as a “regular” course not “honors”. I was not aware that the bad honors course would remain on my transcript and be calculated into my gpa until I read this: “If you receive a D or F, be sure to repeat the course to erase the bad grade and to meet the subject requirement. UCs have relaxed the rules on having to repeat the exact same course; now you only have to retake a course that has the same curriculum as the one in which you received the D or F. Remember that a regular course does NOT have the same curriculum as an Honors, AP, or IB course. If you receive a D or F in an AP course, you need to repeat the AP course or take a community college course to erase the bad grade.” Now I am wondering what I can do to fix this? Retake in at a community college? But the summer courses are full and closed. Plus I don’t even know the names of these high school courses in college terms. Please help me. I am so upset over this. Thank you.</p>

<p>Probably your guidance counselor can best help you as different school districts have different rules about these things.</p>

<p>The D's and F still appears on the transcript :(.
Anyone else who can help? please...</p>

<p>Northstarmom is right. We have no idea how you can make up that class because many districts and even different schools within the same district have different regarding making up classes and replacing grades. Your GC or Vice Principal would be the best sources of advice because no one here knows the rules at YOUR high school.</p>