Retaking Physics Honors?

<p>I have the misfortune of having to take retake physics honors class, because the course i took at CTD Northwestern did not count. Physics honors was of course a prerequisite for physics C. In order to continue my studies with physics C, I need to find a logical way to take physics honors. I can not fit physics honors into my schedule, because i can't be taking a prerequisite of physics C with physics C in the same semester. </p>

<p>Sorry if my situation is kind of hard to understand, but i just want to retake physics honors without having to put it in my schedule. </p>

<p>Is there a certain mail-in/online place that could allow me to do this quickly and without much trouble? Also, could the process not be so expensive? </p>

<p>thanks :)</p>

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<p>It is not honors, but it is cheap and (if their pre-calc is any indication) quite decent. Our school district accepted it as a credit with no difficulty.</p>

<p>Be careful..not all colleges accept the BYU online stuff. You should check it out with colleges you are interested in before you do it.</p>

<p>thanks for the info guys, but my counselor didn't accept the byu online course. he said that the course had to be an honors course, because honors is a prerequisite for physics c.</p>

<p>any other suggestion?</p>