Retaking SAT for rolling admissions?

Hi, I’m going to be applying UPitt this year and I know they have rolling admissions. I’m planning on retaking the new sat in October, but I don’t know if I should wait until I get that score to apply to UPitt. I have a 1260 SAT from March and a 3.59 UW/3.84 W with 10 APs and decent ECs.
Since with rolling, you have a better chance of getting in earlier, is it worth waiting to retake the SAT, or just submit now? Thanks.

That depends on how much you improve your SAT. You should target 1450 or above for Pitt. Pitt isn’t horribly selective (around 50%) and they have a lot of scholarship students which brings up the median GPA significantly.

Your SAT is at about the 25th percentile for Pitt. Your GPA is probably OK, perhaps a bit low, considering that Pitt appears to use a weighting system (average GPA is 4.0 according to the CDS) and your weighted GPA is in range. I think you will fine even with a 100 point improvement if you take the October test. Anything later and you may run into capacity issues. Make sure to inform the admissions office that you will have an updated score coming.

Feel free to apply now! Please just indicate on your application that you plan to take the SAT again in October, if you decide to retake it so that we can keep an eye out for the updated score.

A Pitt Admissions Staffer

@hailtopitt1787 I am retaking the ACT tomorrow, I already submitted my application, I don’t think I said that I was taking it again when I submitted. Will it be too late to send the scores when I get them back if I didn’t put it on my app?
Also, how long do decisions normally take to come out?

It shouldn’t be too late. Please just notify our office to let us know to look for them: 412-624-7488 or

We try to review applicants fairly quickly, but an exact estimate depends on the volume of applicants we have at a given time, when we receive all of your application materials, etc. I would say, as a general rule of thumb, expect to wait anywhere from a few weeks to a little over a month.

A Pitt Admissions Staffer