Retaking SAT II in Math 1

I scored a 720 on my first time around on Math 1 (June date junior year), but for the schools I’m applying to, I’m not sure that score will cut it (Princeton, Stanford). I did well on ACT + Writing so most institutions will take that in place of the subject tests, but for the places I mentioned (which, unfortunately, do require subject tests along with the ACT), would it be worthwhile to retake in fall of senior year? Also, if I were to retake, would colleges see both testings or just the better score? Thanks!

For the schools you’re looking at (Princeton, Stanford), subject tests are recommended not required.
Some colleges allow score choice (sending only the highest score), some don’t, depends on the school.
Don’t take Math 1 again, the top level schools you’re looking at would take Math 2 over Math 1 any day. You need Pre-Calculus for Math 2 but the curve is much better than it is on Math 1 and many say it’s easier.

Stanford explicitly says they prefer Math2. Although it is only recomended at Stanford, aroung 95% of admitted students did submit SAT2 scores according to data from years ago.

The only problem is I had a really poor experience with Trig in sophomore year (multiple part time teachers with frequent turnover) and the questions I looked at were quite difficult, even though they should be relatively easy for a junior/senior. That being said, it would probably be better to submit good subject tests than none at all, lest it look like I’m trying to hide something, right?

The curve is very different. You can score 800 in Math2 even skip a few questions. Try a practice test to see what score you may get.

Even if you get a 800 in Math 1, it won’t mean much (even though it is very difficult to do so), because the level of math tested on Math 1 is not as rigorous and therefore not an accurate indicator if you can handle college level math.
Math 2 is basically a staple for the schools you mentioned, so even if you retook Math 1 and got a 800, it basically wouldn’t help your application at all whereas a good score on Math 2 would.
If you’re not that great at trig, just try to study it when you have time and do some practice tests.
Did you already take Pre-Calculus? If not, when do you plan on taking it?

I took Pre-Calc this past year, I think I’ll heed your advice and check out some practice tests. Thank you!