Retaking SAT IIs?

<p>is it okay to retake them?
do admissions officers look down on this?
i read somewhere that they are a reflection of how hard ur skool is
so if u get high As in all ur classes and then have low 700s for SATII scores does look like ur school is poor in those subjects?</p>

<p>I don't see how low 700s are bad scores. Even if you get lower SAT II scores than your grades, a 1 hour MC test cannot reflect your understanding of a subject.</p>

<p>It's okay to retake SAT IIs; in fact, if you think you'll do better and are willing to study again, you should retake.</p>

<p>how abt math2c?
dont u thnk they consider the percentile its onyl good if u get like 770 or above? cuz the curve is so lenient</p>

<p>retaking is fine, and so is a 770 on any of the tests...</p>

<p>If I bomb an SAT II and then do really awesome the next time I take it, will colleges only look at the higher of the two scores or will both scores play a role in their evaluation of me?</p>

<p>This question has been presented before - although colleges claim to look chiefly at your highest scores, even Harvard admits that "past scores" may be viewed and considered.</p>

<p>Bottom line: A good score looks better without a bad score next to it.
A bad score looks much better with a good score next to it.</p>