Retaking SAT IIs

<p>So I got my Latin score today and I'm not too happy: 690. I just found the test kinda difficult cause it was different than my Latin class and consider myself to be good at Latin (summa cum laude on NLE this year.)</p>

<p>My plan for SATs was...</p>

<p>October 2010: SAT I
November 2010: SAT II Physics ???
December 2010: SAT II Latin</p>

<p>Now I do want to take Latin earlier, but it's just that it's only offered in December/June and with college apps, I'm pretty much forced to do it December. I want to try the Physics one, just because if I can get a good score in it, I'd cancel my December Latin test and just submit my apps.</p>

<p>Another concern is if I'd be able to take Physics and get a good score. I'm took Honors Physics and am taking Physics C next year. I understand that it's mainly Physics B stuff, but Honors Physics covered only one&two dimensional motion, force, energy, momentum/collisions, rotational motion&dynamics, vibrations/waves, and sound. So I understand that I'd have a lot of studying to do on my own, but is it possible to get (ideally) 750+, but I guess I'll suffice with anything in the 700s. So pretty much I'd be studying & learning a lot of stuff using PR (that's the best book right?)</p>

<p>So far my scores are 800 Math II/690 Latin, but I wanna get my second highest test to be mid/high 700s.</p>

<p>The curve is good on Physics, I'm sure you'll get at least a 770+ if you performed well in Honors Physics. Do some practice tests and see. I'm assuming you're a rising senior, right?</p>

<p>Yeah rising senior. I did well in Honors Physics and really enjoyed the material, but my concern is the stuff I have to learn on my own. If I start studying this summer (not hardcore studying, but just reading the material to become familiar with it and maybe one or two practice tests) can it happen?</p>

<p>Also, is the information section in PR geared towards learning the material, or does it assume you know the material already and only gives you a quick review of it?</p>

<p>I've used PR for every SAT II I've done and they go over the material really well. Anything that they could throw on the test is usually mentioned in PR at least once. You could be entirely cold in a subject and PR would get you a decent score, but you've already got physics knowledge.</p>