Retaking SAT/IIs?

<p>Hey guys! I'm new here at CC, though I've been stalking the forums for info since the beginning of this semester. Now I have a question to ask: </p>

<p>Should I retake my SAT/IIs? </p>

<p>Got my June II scores back today (these are my only 2 so far):
Math 2- 780
Chem- 680 (big disappointment here)</p>

<p>Also, my SAT scores are: 1) 1990 2) 2200 3)If I retake it, I'll want a 2300+</p>

<p>I'm thinking that I want to retake Chem and take a first stab at Bio during the next possible testing date, and after that I'll retake the SATs if I decide to. </p>

<p>My college aspirations: Duke, WashU, 7 year programs, etc. (Just to give you an idea of where I would like to get into).</p>

<p>*Note: The reason why I'm so motivated to do well on these tests is because my GPA is only average when colleges look at it (only top 10%). Thus, I'll hopefully be relying more on SATs / extras as my selling points.</p>

<p>Off topic question: Are ACTs a good idea? Are they worth the effort since I'll be retaking lots of SAT/IIs?</p>


<p>Don't retake the math, its very good. Retake chem if you are applying to competitive schools. You can take 3 tests per date so do bio, chem (if compettive) and something else if you want. ACT is WAY easier than SAT so give it a shot if you are not satisfyed with SAT scores</p>