Retaking the ACT

<p>What are the chances of getting a higher or lower score the second time an individual takes the ACT? I hear people usually get a lower score, but what if that person studies?</p>

<p>I dont know who you are "hearing" from, but.</p>

<p>How will I do on a retest?
Of the students who took the ACT more than once:</p>

<pre><code>* 55% increased their Composite score
* 22% had no change in their Composite score
* 23% decreased their Composite score

<li>straight from ACT site.
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<p>I googled "Retake ACT" and it was the first link. Google search works? Try using it sometimes.</p>

<p>if a person "studies" - so much up for interpretation. Some ppl consider 5 minutes before the test studying, some others prepare for months. So, that isnt a question that can be answered easily.</p>