Retaking the SAT after 2 years – good idea?

<p>I took the SAT in November of 2002 and was intended to graduate high school in the class of 2003. Then, many personal and financial complications delayed my entrance to college.</p>

<p>Anyway, I was recently contacted by a University admission officer telling me to retake the SAT.</p>

<p>She practically said if I can raise my score by 100, I will be admitted. </p>

<p>Now I have not taken any academic courses since December of 2002, but I’ve been staying mentally active by reading every now and then.</p>

<p>I’m mainly worried about the math section – I fear that I will have forgotten the material.</p>

<p>So can anyone tell me, based on their own experience or statistics, if I’m likely to do equally as well, or perhaps even better?</p>

<p>I have registered for the November 6 test date and will be studying intensively.</p>

<p>Math is one area that you can quickly come up to speed by studying and doing practice tests. And you should do a thorough review of grammar rules, too. Don't rely on your memory. </p>

<p>Best advice would be to practice by taking practice tests, lots of them. You'll get a feel for the test and boost your own confidence.</p>

<p>if you've been reading a lot, chances are good that your verbal score could increase naturally. math, like ellemenope said, is very easy to brush up on. the material they use on the SAT is pretty basic. mostly what's used the the good ole pyth. theorem, basic algebra, probability, and geometry. brush up on your geo. rules (180deg. in a triangle, complimentary angles, etc.)</p>