Retaking the SAT or take the ACT?

Hey all!

I hate to post something so stereotypical, but I really am in a sticky situation and need some advice.

I have a decent SAT score, but my score breakup is something like 700 CR, 760 M, 800 W, so my parents want me to retake just to increase that reading score (and I KNOW I can get an 800 on math). However, the problem with that is that my subject test scores. I got a 760 for Math 2, and a 740 on chemistry. Is it worth retaking anything? Should I just take the ACT? I’m a bit averse to the ACT right now, just because I’ve spent a lot of time studying for the SAT and all, & I really feel like I know that format well.

So, yeah, definitely trying to figure things out. Advice, anyone?

If you know you can get an 800 on Math and you believe that the CR will come up, I’d stick with the SAT personally.

You have a 1460/1600 for CR+M and that’s already a good score. I’d say take again, and then reevaluate as needed.

Depending on the schools you plan on going to, you may want to retake Math 2. Overall it’s not too bad of a score. But since you did Math 2+a science, I assume you want to do MIT/Caltech, etc and since so many people do so great on Math 2, you may want to retake it.

Thank you so much for the fast response, @BurgerMan1! Totally appreciate it.

Only problem with all the retaking is the time crunch, sigh. Since I’m a senior, I want to be done with testing ideally by November. I’m not applying to MIT/Caltech, but yeah, to some other Ivy Leagues and all that. Thinking I’m going to be applying as a pre-med as well, so yeah, guessing I’ll have to retake it? Do you think it’s worth it for me to retake Chemistry as well then?

I’m not really sure about the SAT II’s, I just haven’t been lurking CC enough to know, but another SAT score retake could be really helpful. But the Ivies are a reach even for 4.0/2400/36/Cured Cancer kids, so make sure you have probably been told a million times have some safeties. Also (as you’ve probably been told a million times too) Pre-med is a pretty general subject (got your chem, physics, biochem, etc) that nearly any university can teach thoroughly so don’t spend more than you have to for the same education.

I would give the SAT another try. Do not worry about the ACT. I would not re- take the subject tests .

@BurgerMan1: Yeah, I’m unsure about subject tests as well, which is why I decided to ask the CC members here. Absolutely, I have a good number of safeties on my list, so I’m comfortable if I don’t get into any Ivies and whatnot. & absolutely! With pre-med, I’m aware that as long as the reqs are completed, you’re pretty much free to get whatever degree you wish. :slight_smile:

@HereToHelpYou: Thank you so much for the advice!! That helps a lot.

You could always take an ACT practice test to see where you stand- perhaps the ACT is better for you, and you might have a super high score. However, like you said, since you have spent so much time studying for the SATs already, I would stick with those, especially because you’re saying you can improve your scores with practice.

Even if your CR and Math scores both increase a little, you will crack 2300, which is definitely a highly competitive SAT score, so it might be best for you to stick with it.

As for the subject tests, it could be slightly beneficial to retake them, but I’d honestly say your time could be better spent working on your essays or extracurricular activities or scholarships and whatnot. Especially since you’re a senior, don’t stress about the subject tests, really hone in and improve other parts of your application instead!