Retaking the SAT subject tests.

<p>I'm a college freshman, planning to transfer after my sophomore year. I've decided to retake SAT Reasoning this summer, but I'm not sure if I should still retake the subject tests. I'm willing to do anything to increase my chances of getting into my reach schools (Emory's one of them), but since I'll be taking summer classes and will be extremely busy in the fall, I don't think I'll have time to prepare. (I'm horrible at test-taking.)</p>

<p>I actually don't see the point in taking them again other than to make my record look better. I took Literature, Math 1 and Math 2 in high school and got a 700, 650 and 660, respectively. If I had to take the subject tests again, I'd choose Literature, Math 2 and World History. But as an English major, by the time I transfer I'll have taken 4 or 5 major classes in literature. I took both World History and Calculus last semester. </p>

<p>Someone even said I should take the Chinese test, since colleges won't be able to tell by my country of origin that I'm a native speaker. Plus, they only ask for the high school transcript, but I've actually studied in Chinese all my life. (I'm an international student, btw.)</p>

<p>So the question is, won't my grades in college matter more than my scores in tests made for high school seniors coming in as a junior?</p>