Retaking the SAT

I’m applying as a transfer student and I decided to retake the SAT in January and my scores were horrendous. I didn’t even get close to what I was getting on practice tests. I know I did something wrong, like marking my answers wrong or something, but thats water under the bridge now. I got exactly what I was getting in HS, around 2k. Does this affect my chances greatly or am I somewhat ok? Does it seem bad that a College student didn’t even break 2250 on a HS aptitude test? Should I retake it again?


It all depends. You have a great score already. So if I were you, I would not focus anymore of my time on the test. Focus on your essays and reasons for transferring; I’ve gathered that they matter more than test scores.

But im trying to transfer to top 20 schools? is that still important? My gpa is on par with stats that I’ve seen but I feel like the SAT can be a deciding factor.