Retaking the SAT?

I took the SAT in November and the ACT in December.
I am planning on applying to ivies/highly selective schools and majoring in the sciences (my goal is to go to veterinary school post-undergraduate).
My SAT score is 1520 (ERW- 790, math- 730)
My ACT score is 35 (Math- 31, Science- 36, English- 35, Reading- 36).
Now that I am entering the spring of my junior year, I am making the decision whether or not to retake either the SAT or ACT and need advice on this subject.
Will having a lower math score hurt my chances of getting into any schools?
I know that I would be able to improve this sub-score, however, would it be a good use of my time?
Thank you so much!

Those are great scores! Congrats to you. If you decide to retake them focus on your math based on wanting to go into the sciences. That will help with admissions and merit potential.

You will see many strands on CC about the costs of Vet school. You may want to look at state flagship honors programs with merit with excellent animal sciences departments or something that ties into your unique vet interests. I have a former student majoring in bioengineering, but plans to go to vet school. You do not need to spend money on undergrad if you are looking at vet school.

Run the net price calculators for schools you are interested in. If your family has income below certain thresholds at colleges that meet 100% need then applying to some of the highly selective schools can be a great option. But there are colleges that will provide merit scholarships that may be more beneficial for you financially.

Your scores already put you within the range, but remember they are high reaches for everyone. Focus more time on building your ECs than on test prep.

Good luck.

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WIth that ACT, I would focus on other parts of my application and classwork and not retake it. I doubt it will harm you, especially with the perfect science score. Well done and good luck. (But I am not a Tiger Parent!)


Your standardized test scores are fine. I agree, your energy is best focused elsewhere at this point. Realize that unless you have something that those schools are looking for (and perfect scores are not it), you have only a small chance of getting in. Make sure to identify good safety and match schools that you want to attend, that you can afford.


What math are you taking in school right now? I think your scores are very strong, but with math being the “weakest” area in both the SAT and ACT I don’t think it could hurt to take another shot at both in late Spring or early Summer if the cost is not a burden. Had you taken the PSAT or Pre ACT?

Thank you for your reply,
I am currently in precalculus. I did take the PSAT in 10th grade and this year as well as the Pre-ACT in 10th grade.

Thank you for your advice!
I will definitely look into your suggestions and appreciate your help!

Retaking either of those two tests is not the best use of your time. You are already in the 99th percentile!
Work on other parts of your application. Work on your mental health. Be a teenager :).