Retaking the SAT?

<p>Basically, my Math and Writing scores are on the low side for MIT, 740 and 680, respectively. I know my writing score is because of my essay (my handwriting sucks, but I always got 6's on my practice essays). My math score is because its been a long time since I took Algebra/Geometry (4-5 years), and I only missed two questions. I also got an 800 on reading.</p>

<p>Is there any point in retaking the SAT in October/November for MIT? Or for other top schools?</p>


<p>PS: This is my first time taking the SAT, not counting the time I took it in seventh grade.</p>

<p>For other top schools, yes (your Writing score could use improvement). For MIT, no (they don’t consider Writing and don’t care about scores as long as they are solid).</p>

<p>You should only retake it if you feel like you can improve your math to around 800 and your writing to at least 750, while still maintaining a perfect/near perfect CR score. If you don’t think you can improve significantly, then I probably wouldn’t retake. That being said, I don’t know if MIT looks at writing or not.</p>



<p>Many schools offer Score Choice; and since this is only the OP’s second time taking the test, the possibility of lack of significant improvement should not a deterrent. </p>



<p>They don’t.</p>

<p>Correction: MIT has not looked at the SAT writing score in the past. Whether they will begin looking at writing this year or another year in the future has not yet been determined.</p>

<p>^ What Mollie said. I want to add that the SAT I writing section was new as of a couple of years ago. MIT obviously couldn’t have predicted success models based off a test that didn’t exist yet, but they could possibly have those now. (Though I imagine they’ll say when they’ll start using that test.)</p>

<p>740 sounds low for missing only 2. Must have been a crazy hard curve. I’d retake it. Take some practice tests.</p>

<p>Thank you for the qualification.</p>

<p>Your scores are fine. You don’t need to retake (for us).</p>

<p>Thanks for all the replies. I am probably going to take the ACT in september, and then the SAT II’s in October.</p>