Retaking VERY bad writing SAT II, what do I put on app?

<p>Well most of my SAT II's of been good:
Math IC 790
Math IIC 800
Physics 770
Chem 790
but then I got a 590 writing :(
I am taking it Nov 6, but am aplying ED, should I list the writing? I know that there is a spot to indicate if you are taking future tests, but the only options are SAT I or II, how do I indicate that I am retaking writing?</p>

<p>for the part about SAT II's</p>


<p>Writing 590 then
Writing retake or something like that</p>

<p>if you want help w/sat II writing buy princeton review's "grammar smart," it will help you out.</p>

<p>hmm...well there isn't really any room to say that I am retaking writing on the online app, so I just put it under the date field for future test like:
11/2004 (Writing)
is that ok?</p>

<p>that's what I would do...</p>

<p>They need an official score report from you so they'll see the writing score anyways.</p>

<p>Perhaps be honest since they will see this score anyways? Don't make excuses--they are for the desperate and the weak. You're not weak are you?</p>


<p>also, they will probably assume that you are retaking the writing, given it is much lower than your other scores.</p>