Retention rate?

Any opinions on why the freshman retention rate is below 80%? With majority FL residents, are there many students on campus on the weekends? Any other feedback, especially Honors? TIA!

The Greek community at stetson is very large and cliquey. Even though the percentage of people in Greek life is small you can see it more in smaller schools. Now I do not have anything against Greek life actually I am in a sorority. But Greek life many times promotes social life over academics and it is very hard to find science, math, and other advancedmajors in the Greek system. I am constantly feeling left out when people go out because I have more homework and advanced classes than most of my freinds. Also I am a pre med major and have just found that hardly any pre med students get into top tier schools. I have a 4.075 and am looking to transfer firstly cause med school is my top priority and I also want to find an environment which promotes putting work before play. But if you are not a super nerd like me take my advice lightly. Also being in the honors program could help.