Retesting with strange lopsided scores

<p>I took the January test and my scores were 800 Math, 800 Reading, 650 Writing. I'm looking to go to a top science engineering school (comp sci major). I assume a distribution like this is strange but I think i can do better in Writing because when I did practice tests before I could usually get above 700 in writing. Is it worth it to take the test again? If I don't get 800s or high 700s on the other two sections the second time will that detract from my original 800s?</p>

<p>Hell to the yes it is worth retaking. You now know your focus and weak point. Study writing like hell, do a crapload of problems, and arrive in March with a grin on your face, walking out with an 800 in writing. Superscored, that would be a 2400. Given your impressive skills with Reading, your potential with writing is definitely not a 650. Do it.</p>