Return students: Are you guys excited to go back or what?

<p>I've seen a lot of rising freshmen post on the College Life Forum these days, so I thought maybe I'd start a thread for returning students. Are you guys excited to go back? I know I am! Cannot wait to see my friends, attend sporting events, parties, classes, career fairs, etc... :)</p>

<p>Excited? Kind of, haha. I think I'm making a mistake taking 6 classes. Last semester was rough. I hope I can make this year awesome! I'm looking forward to living in an all girls dorm. It's a new experience for me after being used to having testosterone around me for two years.</p>

<p>I'm applying to study abroad in England, France, or Belgium for the Spring, so that I look forward to ^__^</p>

<p>And of course, football season. I hate football, but I like being at the games. It's crazy.</p>

<p>Plus I must start to buckle down so I can apply to graduate school come senior year.</p>

<p>I cannot WAIT to get back to Clemson.</p>

<p>I thought that I really limited myself last year. Coming out of high school, I was hesitant to say Yes to a lot of things that I really regret saying No to after a year. I'm gonna try out some new stuff this year and try and be more open. I'm going to try and make it to every away football game, I'm going to utilize my academic success center and academic counseling this year since I was disappointed in my freshman grades, I'm going to aim for a leadership role in this organization I was really active in, I want to find a way to get involved in the community around Clemson, and I want to grow closer with the group of friends I have right now as well as meeting new ones!</p>

<p>I really can't wait for this year! I'm moving in August 12th, classes start August 18th</p>

<p>yes. moving in september first and classes dont start til the 10th, 8 days of partying.</p>

<p>Yeah, totally pumped. I miss all of my friends, and I'm excited about (most of) my classes.
It's nice to be done with gen reqs, and moving onto major courses.</p>

<p>^ Oh yes! I forgot about the general eds courses. I'm GLAD that I'm done with them. Some of those courses really screwed my GPA up. I can finally focus on literature classes now! :)</p>


<p>I miss my friends and can't wait to see them (although, a bunch of us are going camping before we head back to school), and I get to start on my major (nursing) classes! Plus, I'm sick and tired of work...Claire's has gotten really old, really fast...</p>

<p>School will be such a welcome break for me (at the beginning, anyways). Far fewer hours than my internship, hanging around friends 24/7, no longer taking weed-out courses... Wonderful life.</p>

<p>We come back a week early. We have a perfect sized apartment for parties. Bar hopping at cheap college bars with public transit. Sleeping in every day. Class two days a week. Plenty of hours for work study. Playing a varsity sport. Able to go out eery might and mot worry about waking up at 7 for work. Not working 45+ hours a week. Sublime concert. Social d concert. Bad religion and bsb. My history of rock n roll class where assignments are listening to music Nd going to concerts. Mostly the convience of being able to drink as much as I want and not having to drive. As in, I can actually drink bc I won't have to drive.</p>

<p>I cant wait to go back either, but I JUST got started on this good job and I'm eager to make some $$$ So while I want to go back RIGHT NOW I want to make some money beforehand :)</p>

<p>I am excited about my new living arrangements. I am worried about classes because I know I am taking a tough load and am really burnt out (had to take summer classes for the third year in a row), and I just found out I was awarded work study so now I have to find time for a job on top of everything. I am hoping it won't be too hard.</p>

<p>Class starts in August for me but I could sure use another month of summer ;)</p>

<p>Should be fun. I made a performance dance team last semester so now I actually get to join starting this Fall. And I only have class Tuesday/Thursday with one online so lots of time to make up the fun that was lacking my last hellish year.</p>

<p>^^I've been taking summer classes for 3 summers now, too. I'm actually taking 2 courses til Aug. 15. They're starting to drag me down even though it's what I want to do.</p>

<p>I cannot wait at all! I used to look forward to summer, but it really hasn't been that great of a summer when I compare it to school. I'm ready to head back, see friends, be with my gf again, and party for a few days before school starts. </p>

<p>I'm leaving my house on the 10th, staying at my gf's for a few days and then moving in the 15th.</p>

<p>hells to the yea-yeah. screw being at home.</p>

<p>definitely. redundant suburban living sucks</p>


<p>Although I am sad that I'm probably going to have to give up the job I have now (I've been working in one of the libraries on campus all summer). It was nice. My school-year job in the cafeteria isn't so nice.</p>

<p>my schools anthropology department was entirelly renovatted soooo new labs and classrooms for me, yeay.</p>

<p>back to school? yes please...rooming with my best friend, really excited for my classes and the upcoming mock trial season, and will have a chill grading job for work study</p>

<p>Yes, I really can't wait. I've been in the city all summer, but since my friends have gone home, it's been quite boring. I've still got nearly two months to go before classes start (we start on 20th September), but I am pure excited. I'm taking some really fascinating classes this year, and there's so much I want to learn.</p>