Returning Student Football Ticket Sales

<p>Was the June 1st date open to all incoming freshman? (Long ago, you bought your tickets during your Bama Bound session.)</p>

<p>I just jumped on and bought package B as well. I just hope this doesn't void out our earlier package A purchase. </p>

<p>Two completely different confirmation numbers though so hopefully it will be alright. If not, I'm sure a few hours on the phone (crying and begging) will get us package A back :-)</p>

<p>if this actually works I would like to just go ahead and thank everyone for posting about this. it will save me a lot of stress during the school week in the Fall.</p>

<p>My son has package A but would like all the games so I just called the ticket office to ask if freshman would be able to hold both ticket packages if they were able to purchase both. I was told that they shouldn't be able to purchase both and one would be dropped.</p>

<p>Supposedly, this loophole has been closed.</p>

<p>Don't know what they're going to do with those who bought both sets. If they do insist that you can only keep one set, I hope they let you choose which one to give up.</p>

<p>WHAT!! They shouldn't let you choose which set to keep. It is clear that they restricted freshman to one set each. You guys all knew that. Just cause a computer glitch LET you buy more doesn't mean you SHOULD by more! That isn't setting a very good example for our future college students!</p>

<p>Don't get so angry about it. Just like someone said before they may have let freshman start buying the leftover package B's.</p>

<p>Except the ticket office said that you could only buy one set. I would call them to make sure you know where you stand ticket-wise. It's better to be informed than to be surprised.</p>

<p>I'm not mad. I think they would have let people know if they were opening it up for freshman to buy more tickets or you can call and ask but just taking them because the computer let them is wrong! There are many times in life where computers or people make mistakes but that doesn't mean it is okay to take advantage of that opportunity. I feel sad that everyone thinks it is okay.</p>

<p>Very random. So I called the ticket office figuring I could get more specifics than m2kc since I actually purchased both. They told me a call would come and I would tell them which package I wanted to be refunded. Not thirty seconds after hanging up the phone another call came in from the ticket office and they refunded the package of my choice. Everyone who purchased both should receive a call shortly about this.</p>

<p>BassettMomma: I'm wondering if the glitch in the system happened because some of the incoming freshmen have listed as sophomores (or even juniors, as my son was) because of AP/dual enrollment credits. Right now, upperclassmen are selecting their tickets -- my son got his the other day. Meanwhile, my son had tickets to all the home games last year, thanks to the ticket donation program the University has.</p>

<p>I don't know what difference it makes having the kids now pick which set to keep. I imagine that kids will "give up" the set that they just bought since the first set was probably their "first choice."</p>

<p>I agree that if this glitch was known by UA, it should have either been fixed ASAP or having every incoming student notified that an additional sale would be taking place. The way it stands, I think that UA should honor its agreement with the students who bought the additional package because it is a legal contract that both parties agreed to with no fraudulent activity that I know of on the part of the students. It could be considered that the party selling the tickets is willfully breaking the contract when they still have tickets to sell. You don't go into a store and legally purchase something only for the store to require you to give the item back so that it can sell the item to another person 10 days later. Maybe UA is legally correct in refunding the second package, but it should honor its agreements and look at how it can fix the system that allowed this to happen. If UA is adamant about giving you a refund, request a small gift for your inconvenience.</p>

<p>I just got a call from the ticket office as well and got rid of the Package B tickets that I purchased last night. I wasn't trying to take advantage of the situation or anything though. I just thought that they had extra tickets to sell.</p>

<p>in my experience with UA, their computer systems have been pretty spot on. if you are not allowed to sign up for a room until whatever date, that is the way it is. if you can't switch your room until 4 pm each day, then the computer doesn't let you. if you try to add classes with time conflicts, it doesn't let you do that either.</p>

<p>so, bassettmomma, our going to buy the tickets was not us trying to take advantage of a glitch. we just assumed that the tickets had been "released" and were now available. i would have assumed that, by now, all package A and B tickets would have already been sold. if there ARE tickets left at this time, it is not unreasonable to expect that they would want to actually SELL any remaining tickets.</p>


<p>UA's computer systems are not perfect. They do mess up from time to time. Didn't a similar issue with honors housing happen a month ago?</p>

<p>some glitch happened with housing a couple months back ...</p>

<p>i didn't hear about those who were able to sign up for their rooms early getting them taken away.</p>

<p>Well, dorms rooms are one thing, but football tickets are whole other beast altogether. ;)</p>

<p>I am sure they would have said they were releasing the tickets... They seem to have pretty clear policies and procedures, but if you thought they were releasing the tickets then sorry! Football tickets that were quietly released to freshman without notifying ALL freshman...I think that would start a HUGE problem. I agree with feno....maybe dorms, but NEVER football tickets.</p>

<p>I can report that it was smooth sailing this morning for everybody I know that was trying to procure tickets.</p>