Returning Student Football Ticket Sales

<p>Have you guys had your day yet? How are things going?</p>

<p>Younger son had his day this morning...took like 3 seconds. Amazingly better than last year.</p>

<p>Son got his this morning, too. Took 13 seconds, he said.</p>

<p>I had my tickets by 7:00:12- fantastic compared to last year's process for freshmen.</p>

<p>Do you have to pre-register your credit card again since the process has moved to myBama?</p>

<p>My day to buy tickets is tomorrow. Since the charge is being put on our fall semester bills, I don't think we have to pre-register a credit card, though if we did, the system should remember us from past years.</p>

<p>Oh, it's going on your bill? So, it's literally pushing one button to try and get tickets.</p>

<p>It is that easy. I have my tickets as of 7:02 AM CDT. I'm happy with this year's ticket buying process.</p>

<p>Do returning students get tickets to all the home games?</p>

<p>Yes, returning students get tickets to all home games.</p>

<p>anyone know if fresh can get tickets to all home games?? someone at bama bound said they did.</p>

<p>is there a way to see which games you have tickets to??</p>

<p>Freshman can only get half-season packages. The packages says which games' tickets are included.</p>

<p>Many freshmen get tickets for the games that they don't have tickets for by buying them during the season from kids who aren't going to use theirs.</p>

<p>Mike: My son said that your daughter needs to place her name on the waiting list, which opens Sunday mornings (around 6 a.m.) before the next home game. If you place your name on that list very early, you are almost guaranteed to get a donated ticket for free. He never paid for any additional tickets as a freshman, besides his ticket package.</p>

<p>BTW, my son added that he got up at 6 a.m. before the three home games not included in his package to put his name on the list. He got tickets for each game -- and it took all of five minutes each time.</p>

<p>we went and gave it a try ... looks like it worked.</p>


<p>Mike...didn't your D already buy her packet a few weeks ago? If so, what did you do just now?</p>

<p>she bought one set of tickets on june 1</p>

<p>we went to see if it would let her buy the other packet ... and it gave it to her as an option ...</p>

<p> lucked out. I don't think that is supposed to happen. Maybe there were extra packets???</p>

<p>yeah thats what i am thinking ... maybe there were extras so they are up for grabs now ...
: ?</p>

<p>I just bought Package B as well after buying Package A June 1st.</p>