Revamp Study Plan...

<p>Hey guys! I took the Jan SAT (first time). Definitely need to improve on March SAT...</p>

<p>So I felt like DH didn't help much? I only read volume 1, so I don't know. Is it necessary to know the words in the index? I counted 392 in one I think these words have a better chance of appearing than the 200 core words mentioned. </p>

<p>Math- Geometry definitely need work on...</p>

<p>Writing- Get solid examples for essay and practice...</p>

<p>I read through the 300ish pages of review in the BB, yet I'm saving the 10 practice tests. I had to cram the last 200ish, so I need to go and review that.</p>

<p>Any general study plans/etc? Thanks.</p>

<p>For math I use ErictheRed's website.
DH definitely did not help much on the January SAT. I used the list of High Frequency and Hot Prospect words in Barrons plus The Essential 300 Words. I got all 19 SCs right!</p>

<p>Take lots and lots of practice tests. Pay for the college board's online course, since it has ten more practice tests. Stay away from Kaplan. Even though direct hits didn't do too well on the January SAT, I still think those books are worth buying. For math, consider getting the Gruber's workbook. For writing, try getting the Barron's workbook.</p>

<p>Well, I have 10 practice tests...I definitely need better examples for the essay. Idk, I thought the BB was like all you need?</p>

<p>I like Laura Wilson's Right the SAT Essay Right. It has great, specific examples lots of sample essays. And worksheets to create your own examples.</p>

<p>This will help with essays.
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<p>Thanks guys, definitely need to have math/writing down every time. I need to focus on CR but it's just hard since I've kinda lost faith in DH. March is like my last chance since I'm taking subject tests for last 2 opportunities this year.</p>

<p>I just read BB essays and used some of those examples...</p>