Revelle - Physics 2 series or 4 series?

<p>I'm currently freshman in Computer science major and intend to switch to aerospace engineer soon. I really like physics but I wonder if taking the 4 series would be too hard and might pull me back on GPA, (or I might fail those classsssesss O_O and never graduate). So are the 2 and 4 series switchable? </p>

<p>My second concern, maybe too far ahead to think of, is that if its possible to graduate in 3 years in engineering because I have about 36 AP credits but I have been warmed that most engineering students takes more than 4 years to graduate. and If its possible then should I graduate on 3 years or double major, like aerospace and mechanical. </p>

<p>Thank you guys for sharing and everything.</p>

<p>4 Series = for physics majors.
Engineering majors can take 2 series. </p>

<p>Graduation depends on a lot of things, units aren't usually the reason why people can't graduate early.</p>

<p>it's a perfect time to start your own finish-in-four plan. then when you get to campus, you can have a counselor look at it. nobody's excluded from the 4 series (one of my fellow chem majors took it "for fun"), but generally it's a little more hardcore than the other two.</p>