Revelle with a major in Visual Arts Media (film)? Or consider a different university?

<p>Okay-- So I got into UCSD (yay!)
But then I check what Revelle actually needs in terms of GE, and I find out that I need calculus, bio and science and all that good stuff.
But I want to be a film major, and absolutely do NOT want to take anything math/science related?</p>

<p>Is this really bad and impossible for me to get a degree in visual arts media still?
Or is my fate totally doomed? SHould I consider a different university even? UCI perhaps?</p>

<p>It really killed everything for me!
(And yes, I know, I should've read the description better of each college, but I was in a hurry to submit my apps.. lame excuse, I know)
I need to be in Sixth College!</p>

<p>I'm a visual arts major too (Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts) and I didn't do too much research when ranking my choice of colleges. I put Sixth as my 4th choice, but they put me in Sixth anyway. I'm really glad they did that because it makes perfect sense now. I think I read in another thread that you could try to switch colleges if you can show that you'd be able to graduate sooner. You might give that a try. Good luck.</p>

<p>I don't say this often (ever) but I really think you would be a good candidate to attempt a college switch. You do have to start Revelle for a year and do the writing program, but you would EASILY be able to prove an earlier graduation without the multitude of chem, bio, math etc classes that Revelle requires. Normally I think people should suck it up and just deal with their college because they'll learn to love it, but in your situation it doesn't make sense.</p>