Reverse Chance a Junior

Demographic: Wasian Female, Rural area

SAT: 1300 (only try) 690 ER, 610 M

GPA: 4.0 UW, 4.3 W (likely 4.5 by end of Jr. year)

Class Rank: Not ranked until end of year, but likely top 5% out of 160ish

APs taken: APUSH, AP Lang, AP Stats, AP Bio (no tests yet) Only 8 APs offered by my school, will take other 4 next year - Have taken all Honors fresh and soph years

Major: Business

ECs: 2 yrs Varsity Swim, 3 yrs job, Student Council (Officer 2/3 yrs), Junior Class President, NHS, Interact Club, Tutor, some more small ones

Should have solid LOCs and essay, plan to do Girl’s State this summer

I’m hoping to raise my low SAT, I didn’t study for my first take. I am looking for T50 schools, and I have so far like UVA, Northeastern, Georgetown, and Carnegie Mellon as my big reach. My safety will be Penn State.

Do you have any budget limits?

Other than “top 50”, what do you want in a college or university?

Do you have a geographic preference?

What is a “Wasian”? Is this a combination of White and Asian?

What state are you from?

Budget is not currently a huge concern for me. Wasian is white/asian. I am from PA. For a school, I suppose I’m looking for good alumni networks, nothing super conservative, and nothing rural - unless the student pop. is large.

“I am from PA”

We are not from PA and your guidance counselor would know better than I. However, being in state I would certainly expect and hope that Penn State would be a safety. I think that it is quite a good school and having a solid safety at least to me takes a lot of the pressure off the entire process. I usually like a second safety but I am not sure that it is really necessary (many decades ago I only had one safety).

“nothing too conservative” does not rule out too many schools.

I think that I would run the NPCs on Northeastern and CMU and probably your other schools also and show the results to your parents to make sure that they are okay with the results.

If you’re solidly business-oriented, you might consider Babson. It’s consistently named the top undergrad school for entrepreneurship - great business education. It’s quite competitive, with an overall acceptance rate of 26% and a 1370 median SAT, but it’s an easier admit for women, with a 34% female admit rate vs. 22% for men. It’s just outside of Boston, and students can cross-register at Wellesley and Brandeis.

Lehigh may be too rural-PA for you, but they do give a URM bump for Asians and they have great business programs.

Maybe URichmond? Similar stat profile to Babson, but without a gender differential in your favor.

How about UMass Amherst? The Isenberg School of Management is excellent. First-year admitted student stats for Isenberg specifically: median GPA 4.0W, median SAT 1328. Probably a little stiffer for OOS than in-state but still a reasonable target.

Since you are now a Junior, that would mean that they 1300 is from a 10th grade test. So I really do not consider it as indicative of your capabilities. I am absolutely certain, that, if you take the SAT next year, you will do far better.

In 10th grade, you do not have the knowledge required to do much better than that. I know somebody who got 1300 of the PSAT 10 in fall of their Sophomore year, and ended up with a 1550 of their SAT in the spring of their Junior year. No prep classes, and only two PSATs in between, the knowledge gained in class, and the practice of three PSAT tests.