(Reverse) chance a stressed international senior for top schools (preferably in CA)

Cross-posted on Reddit because I’ll need all the help I can get

Schools (all reaches because matches/safeties are back home): UCLA (unsure because of the different portal + notoriety for lack of aid), Yale-NUS, USC, Barnard, Stanford, Pomona, but feel free to reverse chance me for reach/semi-match schools in the T20s-T50s preferably in California (because my parents wouldn’t send me off otherwise)

Demographics: Southeast Asian (Filipino) female, international student, private Catholic school with no AP classes

Intended Major(s): Public Relations/Communication/Marketing, Sociology, International Relations, Political Science/Public Policy

Standardized Tests: Going test-optional because testing isn’t available in my country + I’m a minor so I still can’t go out freely because of my country’s lockdown

GPA and Rank: 93.78 (let me know what this is in 4.0 GPA scale if anyone can help), 9/526 students

Coursework: No AP or IB applicable, but I was part of my school’s equivalent of English honors classes from my freshman to sophomore year. The only reason I’m not taking them anymore is that they no longer offer them in junior to senior year, unfortunately. Another important thing to note is that I’m taking humanities and social sciences-centric classes because of my country’s senior high school system.

MUN Best Delegate
A variety of academic excellence awards
Some notable awards from the World Scholar’s Cup (regionals-TOC); not naming them in-depth for privacy concerns, but feel free to DM if you need more context

Intern for the marketing team of a policy competition
External vice president of my school’s first feminist organization
Founder and director of a story-sharing platform dedicated to sharing COVID-related stories
Head of the publications department of a local student volunteer organization

Public speaking (talked to/oriented new students, hosted two workshops with 40+ participants each, served as a panelist for a local top high school’s event)
Script-writing (wrote radio plays and batch films/skits since 10th grade up to now)

Secretary of the aforementioned media department
Staff writer for two online publications
Managing editor for an online magazine
Committee member for a large-scale, school-wide event
Notable Hobbies (for supplements or anything else that isn’t Too major): I’ve been studying languages on Duolingo for 800+ days, and I run a blog

Essay: Don’t want to jinx or overestimate but I really like and believe in my topic since it deals with an online interest-based community I partake in

LORs: Using the same two teachers for more or less everything, and I’ve already contacted them last month. They’ve known me since my sophomore year and teach the subject areas I plan on pursuing

(Most) ECs are intentionally vague for a reason; DM for more context if you want to give me more holistic advice. I’m more than aware that I’m far from the perfect/ideal applicant HAHA so I’m open to looking into more matches to supplant my reaches but international college education is not going to be my first and only choice.