Reverse Chance Me: A very confused junior

Demographics: Male, URM Asian (not Indian, Korean, etc), large public school (3K) in the south, first gen in college, <65k income right now but fam made only 20k up until 2016

Intended Majors: Neuroscience, Bio, or BS/MD


  • []ACT: Taking in April
    ]SAT: 1450 (RW 700, M 750)
    []SAT II: Taking Chem and Math 2 in May
    ]Class Rank: 63/730

Rank system is by cumulative numerical average, and evidently, 8th grade credits and 9th grade brought me down b/c I was busy with religious school/course:

  • []8th grade credits: 89.25
    ]1st Sem of 9th: 93.67
    []2nd Sem of 9th: 92.33
    ]1st Sem of 10th: 95.67
    []2nd Sem of 10th: 97.4
    ]1st Sem of 11th: 103.5

UW 3.944 (All A’s 9th-12th, B in French 1 8th Grade)
CNA: 95.6%


[]All Honors/Gifted/AP
]9th Grade: No APs
[]10th Grade: World History (3), Statistics (5)
]11th Grade: Chemistry, Physics 2, Language and Composition, Calculus BC, US History
[li]12 Grade Schedule: Literature and Composition, Biology, Physics C: Mechanics, Macroeconomics/US Government, Psychology, Distance Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus[/li][/ul]


[]First at School Science Fair 2017 and 2018
]Third at Regionals 2017
[]Intern of the Quarter (Dec 2016 - Mar 2017)
]Won Competitions at Religious Interscholastic Tournament
[li]NOTE: 2018 County Science fair is this Friday and could potentially get into ISEF[/li][/ul]


  • []Over 200 hours of shadowing and triaging at free clinic
    ]Over 100 hours of Volunteering through faith-based organization
    []Attended rigorous Religious school/course alongside public school 7th-10th grade
    ]Science Olympiad Vice-President next year
    []HOSA Vice-President
    ]Key Club Treasurer
    []Asian Cultural Club Vice-President
    ]Beta Club Member
    []National Honors Society Member
    ]City Youth Leader
    []County Youth Commissioner (Sworn-in)
    ]Applied to MOSTEC


[]Where should I apply?
]How should I improve my application?
[li]What aspects of things mentioned should I highlight when I apply to college?[/li][/ul]

Contact QuestBridge – you many be eligible for their college match program. Also your 8th grade credits would probably be taken out for most schools – you will be able to report the classes, but they don’t get factored into your GPA. You have great stats! Study for the ACT between now and April.

Does URM Asians get a URM status? I don’t think so.

Look into Carleton, Colby, Haverford, Hamilton, Bates.

Not even if its like URM? (Rohingya, Bengali, Uzbek, etc)


It’s worse than being white, but better than main line Asian.

Actually colleges distinguish so Uighoor, Uzbek, Rohingya, Filipino… is considered URM at all private colleges where it’s a factor in admissions (you know it’s a factor because either you have to specify or you have a list of choices). Asians are URM for private colleges in most of the Midwest.
@0927051302100201 :
Contact Questbridge asap and apply for their summer program.
Basically you can apply anywhere that meets need but make sure to include some colleges where the acceptance rate is 40%+ and your flagships’ honors programs as soon as they open.

@MYOS1634 I’ve been looking at Questbridge prep scholar but what are the benefits other than a summer program paid for?

You’ll get thousands of dollars worth of tutoring, networking, and mentoring ( a college app boot camp like wealthy parents send their kids to). Your applications will be almost ready by the end of summer and you’ll have lots of feedback on your list.

Hi! I’m a current high school senior and was a Questbridge College Prep Scholar. I found that the program was invaluable in helping me to get access to materials that I normally would have never had. One perk of the program is the National College Admissions Conference, where you get to tour a college, meet hundreds of other low income/first generation, brilliant, and nice juniors, sit in on workshops directed by admission officers that specifically address writing essays and gives you an insider’s peek into what they look for, go through a crash course into navigating financial aid (which can often be really confusing) and gain an amazing network which will support you as you apply to college. Later in the conference, there is the opportunity to network with admissions officers, which is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and such.

Protip: highly highly recommend applying to fly in programs. They are 2-3 day programs where you get the visit a college, sit in on lectures, room with a current college student, and get a taste of the college life. The best part is that the college will completely cover your expenses for transportation, room, and board. Some fly in applications will be opening up soon. I did two, and being able to actually visit the campus gave me a more accurate picture to see if I could see myself there, and allowed me to gauge my fit with that college.

If you have any other questions, I am happy to answer them! Good luck!

I also do Science Olympiad in my school! Did you already go through regionals? What events do you do?

@Kelvin82 Thanks for all the information. At the end of the app, there are like those extra awards and stuff, are those worth the time and effort, or are they not too valuable in the eyes of college admissions?

As for Science Olympiad, we weren’t able to go to regionals due to some extenuating circumstances (too far, not enough transportation, etc). I mainly do thermodynamics, anatomy, and I also do chem lab. And there is a possibility of me becoming captain/president because some of the current officers are quite doubtful of the current VP moving up to the president spot.