Reverse Chance Me

Hi all!

I’m currently a junior in High School looking to add a couple more target/reach schools to my college list. I’m not nearly as smart as most people on here, but I think I’m applying to too many safety schools.

I’m 15th in a class of 190.

3.8 GPA

95s and high scores in college level courses

Dual enrollment in community college

Lots of ECs/leadership/community service.

I’m very involved with theatre/music/helping little kids

1200 SAT (I’m a really bad test taker. I’m going to retake and hopefully boost that up to an 1250.)

I’m looking for colleges in New England/Mid Atlantic regions (I live in CT) I plan on being a school counselor, so my preferred majors would be Psychology or Human Development and Family Studies

I can do up to 35,000 a year in tuition.

Right now all my top schools have a 1000 average SAT, 3.2 average GPA. Am I selling myself short? Are there any schools you think I should look into? I LOVE all my safeties, but I want to keep my options open. Having a few other schools would be nice. Thank you so much, I really appreciate any and all advice

Your true safeties/matches/reaches will depend strongly on your family’s budget. How much can your family afford to pay in cash/savings without taking out loans. In addition to that, you are allowed to take out 1st year loans in your name up to $5,500. Basically, that will be your budget. What is that number?

For many students, their in-state public universities will be the most cost efficient options. For some states (NJ, PA, a few others) the in-state options are sometimes so expensive that lower-cost private colleges are around the same price. What state do you live in now?