Reverse chance me

Can you guys suggest some colleges which are in my range of acceptance
Asian international men

GPA:3.91(UW) top 3% of my class

I have no APs offered in my school but I self-studied 4 and got 3 5s and 1 4.

SAT: not taken but am consistently getting 1500+ on all official tests


Blog: 100k+ views, 100+posts. My articles were published in DB(NY of india) and NDTV(CNN of india)

Podcast: weekly podcast Available on all platforms which is related to my blogs topic

Founded a nonprofit which supports about 500 people monthly

10+MUN and chaired 2 and these were sponsored by UNDP and Australian embassy

I self learnt 6 language and developed 2 apps

I was CS club leader for 2 years

Played football(Soccer) for junior team of LNIPE(among the top 5 sports Universities in india) for 1 and a half year

Interests: CS, journalism and Economics

Requirements: just need financial aid

Some school, I am interested in:

I would begin by looking at the Common Data Sets for the schools you are interested in; the CDS provides information for the matriculating undergraduates for a given academic year. Section C7 gives the academic and non-academic factors used for admission at the school; and Sections C9-C11 give you test score and GPA information; Section C1 gives the numbers of the students who applied, were admitted, and enrolled. All of the schools you listed will have acceptance rates in the single digits except for NYU, which (pre-Covid) had acceptance rates in the mid-teens.