review book for calc bc

<p>Which review book is the best for calc bc? i have heard ppl suggesting arco and pr but dont know which one is preferred</p>


Many ppl recommend this book for calc review, and I'm using it now. The author is humorous...</p>

<p>are u talking about a review book for the AP?
princeton review's great =]</p>


<p>there is a bad error in the Petersons book on page 433</p>

<p>the differential equation dy/dx = ky(L - y) is wrong.
whats wrong is that the "k" used here is not really the correct constant of proportionality. Meaning, if you found k using the book's DiffEQ and used it in the "y = " solution of the DiffEQ the answer would not be right</p>

<p>the correct diffEQ is ky(1 - y/L) The book factored out a (1/L) , so the "k" in the book's equation is actually equal to the real k divided by the carrying capacity. (k/L).</p>

<p>The book is wrong in calling the "k" in the DiffEQ the constant of proportionality when in reality it is not. the DiffEQ should me multiplied by (1/L).</p>

<p>the best thing to do is probably just practice problems from your normal txtbook, so that your solid on al of the problems. there really aren't any curve balls they throw at you on the mc section, frq is a different story, but those are on the cb website</p>


<p>Thank you for reminding. I've not confronted it yet.
I think no book is perfectly right. When I read PR for AP Physics, I discovered so many spelling mistakes, which may be quite easy to avoid with the help of computers. So be careful all the time. If you find some mistakes, gp for someone else to make sure of it.</p>