Review Books For Studying Over The Summer

<p>In the fall I am taking AP Calculus AB and AP Biology as well as an Honors Physics class and am taking AP Physics B in the spring along with AP Calculus BC. I am very competitive in track (spend from 6-7 AM) and (2:45-5:45 PM) on it and it mentally and physically drains your body for the rest of the night.</p>

<p>My question is which review book is the best choice for supplementing AP Calculus AB & BC and AP Biology. Our school has good teachers in these subjects so all I will need is a supplement. </p>

<p>For AP Physics B which review book is best at reteaching most of the material almost like a textbook? The teacher only teaches 2 days the whole semester and just pretty much babysits the whole day.</p>

<p>Any help will be much appreciated.</p>

<p>AP Calc: Princeton Review or Peterson's</p>

<p>AP Physics B: PR/ 5 Steps</p>

<p>AP Bio: Cliffnotes</p>

<p>Thanks for the input manu, one question though, </p>

<p>for AP Physics should I use both PR and 5 steps to a 5, and why? And would barron's be better at teaching the whole curriculum, or pr, because i always heard barrons overprepared people and that pr is just a good supplement to a good class.</p>

<p>For AP Calc I used and really liked the study book Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam published by Skylight. It has both AB and BC materials, and I liked the format, the practice problems, and the explanations. The disadvantage is that, because it isn't one of the normal books like PR or Barron's, it probably won't be in a bookstore and would have to be bought online.</p>

<p>I agree that Cliff notes are best for AP Bio.</p>

<p>AP Bio: Baron's </p>

<p>I got it from a friend and used it the second half of the year. My grades dramatically improved. Baron's helps you understand the big picture as well as the smaller mechanisms. Plus it has a bunch of practice tests for when you start preparing for the exam.</p>

<p>Cliff's was almost exclusively used for bio by people at my school, I highly suggest getting it.
For calculus, PR worked well as long as you are good on the basics. There were plenty of practice problems and 5 total full practice tests (3 AB, 2 BC).</p>

<p>PR's physics book was ok, I didn't like it too much though. It did help me prepare for the multiple choice though because I swear there were questions in the practice test that showed up in the actual AP exam.</p>

<p>AP Calculus : The Princeton Review</p>


<p>I skimmed through Barron's at my public library a few weeks before the test and I didn't like it. I felt it was way too much to handle, and there were many errors throughout the book. I also thought that their explanations were confusing in parts. I like 5 Steps straightforward and clear presentation style, but PR goes into greater detail in term of explanation. So I think a combo of the two is best for the test. Hope that helped!</p>

<p>I have numerous friends in ap bio and every single student uses the barrons book, they claim its amazing</p>