Review Books?

<p>What is the best review book for BC calculus, AP Economics and AP Psychology?</p>

<p>Also what is the best book for AP American History?</p>

<p>BC Calc- Barrons, PR
Economics- PR
Psych- Barrons, 5 to 5
American History- AMSCO, REA, PR</p>

<p>y is amsco so long</p>

<p>calc- pr, petersons
us- amsco, rea</p>

<p>any other suggestions? Also does anyone know what book is good for AP English Literature?</p>

<p>Economics - Princeton Review, APUSH - Amsco, Pyschology - Barrons</p>

<p>anyone have any recommendations for AP English Literature and BC Calculus?</p>