Review help...

<p>I need to start reviewing calculus because I took it freshman year and I am now a junior taking physics, I don't really recall a lot of the important/useful information because I haven't had to use it for almost 2 years. I also want to start reviewing for chem II because I took chem I over a year ago now....How would you break up the review sessions? What do you think the most effective way to review for these classes would be?</p>

<p>You can start by giving yourself a “final exam.” Visit this [url=&lt;a href=“]site[/url”&gt;]site[/url</a>] which has a list of schools who post all different types of math exams (from Calc I/II/III to Diffy Eqns) and find the Calc I final exam. Time yourself and take it, see what you got wrong, and focus on that. It’s essential that you really focus on what you get wrong. For instance, there’s no point of reviewing the power rule if you’re acing it on the practice final exam…catch my drift?</p>

<p>As for Chem II, just review your notes extensively from Chem I…but from my experience Chem I was mainly quantitative (dimensional analysis, conversion, etc) whereas Chem II was much more qualitative and had all the major (and, imo, interesting) applications such as Chemical Bonding/IMF, equilibria, rates of reactions, etc. Also, brush up on the reading the periodic table because you’ll be using it A LOT.</p>

<p>I would remind myself of the basic concepts without reviewing all of the technical details. You can do that in little bits and pieces as you need it.</p>