Review of McGrawHill/Kaplan/Princeton Review SAT practice testbooks

<p>Of course the best SAT prep book or the practice test book is the Collegeboard's "The Official Study Guide for the SAT:2nd Editon" or the Blue Book (BB)</p>

<p>I recommend the 2nd rather than the first because the first edition does not have answer explanations (not for free at least). The second edtion, however, you can view answer explanation online.</p>

<p>I do not believe you need a prep book when you have so many guide here on CC.
All you need is practice to use the skills you have learned here.</p>

<p>This my personal review of the other SAT practice tests in the market.</p>

<p>If you have exhausted your material in the BB books, these are actually good practice materials.</p>

<p>I would personally use the official SAT scoring rubric for each test you take using the books below.</p>

<p>*Answer Explanation is mostly based on the Critical Reading and Writing Section.
Math sections are usually well explained in all test books.</p>

<p>"12 Practice Tests for the SAT by Mc-GrawHill"
-Difficulty: Moderate
-Answer Explanation: Weak</p>

<p>"12 Practice Tests for the SAT by Kaplan" (Recommended)
-Among all the Practice Test books other than BB
-Difficulty: Moderate
-Answer Explanation: Very Thorough</p>

<p>"11 Practice Tests for the SAT & PSAT by Princeton Review"
-Difficulty: Hard
-Answer Explanation: Very Weak</p>

<p>Its a very short review, yes I know, but thats all I could write about them, for other than difficulty and answer explanation most of the practice tests books are the same (price, volume, format).</p>

<p>So its not bad to give these practice tests a shot if you have time.</p>

<p>However, just doing as many practice test as you can won't necessarily bring you SAT scores. It does help but after you pass the 2150 score line you really need some great tips and test taking methods to pass 2200 and 2300.</p>

<p>I have taken so many practice tests (more than 40 probably) but I am still just over 2200. However, I've been reading test taking tips, guides, and strategies and hopefully they will help.</p>

<p>You can add Barron's to the list. Even though the format is different from the actual SAT (Barron's tests have 7 sections instead of 10), the difficulty level is quite high and it is very good for practice.</p>