Reviewed - Decision Pending

Hey everyone,

Sorry for posting a lot, but I just checked my documentation status and it changed from “Further Review Required” to “Reviewed- Decision Pending.” How long will I be in the dark for until I see my decision?

Thanks a ton!

Same situation here. From past threads I noticed that some were in a week while others were in March

I hope its in a week, best of luck! Where’d you apply?

faculty of science (the math physics one) and the arts and science inter thing

I’m checking minerva three or four times a day, its becoming unhealthy!

same here. it’s been like that for a couple of weeks already and it’s driving me crazy

Mine was further review required for about 10 days after I submitted my mid year report. It finally changed today…telling me I submitted the wrong material for my mid year report. Guess the waiting starts all over again lol

I’m so sorry, best of luck :frowning:

Anyone here heard back?

Still at reviewed-decision pending



should we be worried? Is this normal?

I’ve been at reviewed - decision pending since January 25th. Not too worried because the help page says it means:
“All necessary documents have been received and your application has been reviewed but a decision cannot be made at this time. Most decisions will be made by the decision release deadline posted on our website.”
Since the deadline is end of March, I’m hoping for the best :confused:

Does anyone know when they typically release decisions? I got my first school on a wednesday in December, but I have been waiting ever since. do they usually put results out on Wednesdays, or can it be any weekday?

Is anybody from the U.S. still waiting for the final decision (still reviewed: decision pending)? Their website will be down in the next week or so and McGill claimed to send out decisions by the end of March. Just a little worried.

I am genuinely baffled. This is really frustrating. They changed the date for the admissions window from late March to mid April…

Is decision pending a bad thing? I was accepted to nutritional science in the beginning of february but my application status for biomed just changed to reviewed - decision pending a few days ago. I have a 94 average and I’m really concerned that it won’t be high enough for biomed. I feel like if my marks were high enough I would have been accepted already. Am I reading into this too much? Or is decision pending a common status to have?

Decision Pending for a month. It’s not a bad thing but not good either. Hope do not be placed into waiting list. Best of luck!

I’ve been looking at this post every few days since February when the same thing happened to me. Day 43: still decision pending for nursing, but I got waitlisted for my undeclared BA application on March 25th. Hopefully the same won’t happen to you guys, but it’s better than being rejected, I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve also found a few similar posts when scrolling down the “McGill University Class of 2020” Facebook page, if that helps anything. Good luck to everyone! :]