Reviewing your credentials status since October

<p>My daughters status has been "reviewing your credentials" since October. I wouldn't be suprised if she didn't get into main campus for fall but she put summer session or Altoona as a back-up and she should easily be accepted to Altoona. Is it unusual to not get a decision after two months? I know other people have gotten accepted to branch campuses already.</p>

<p>we are in the same situation. Application went out in September. We called last week to make sure they had everything and they did. They told us acceptances go through end of January and there is no order in which they go through them. I know a lot of people who were accepted very quickly and we are still waiting. I’m afraid to have my daughter call again b/c I feel like it could push her to back of pile but they wait is painful.</p>

<p>Same Situation here too. I’m so terrified, 2 out of 4 people (including myslef) who I know applied to UPark in my class got accepted…the other two of us are waiting…I’m absolutely terrified.</p>

<p>My daughter finally has the Coming Days status today!</p>

<p>Everyone with a completed application by Nov 30 will get a decision by the 31st. The facebook page for undergrad admissions said there’s going to be a lot of decisions coming out this week and next</p>