{REVISED} Chance/ Match Me: HS Senior - International (Canada) 3.91, CS/ME major for Stanford, Princeton, UofT, Waterloo, Harvard, CalTech...)


  • Black Male
  • International Student: Canada
  • 1st Year Applicant
  • Public Highschool (1900+ Students)

Major(s): Mechanical Engineering OR Computer Science

Scores/ Classes:

  • SAT: Applying Test Optional
  • UW GPA: 4.91/5.0
  • W GPA: 5.4/5.0
  • Rank: NA (Top 5%)
  • AP Offered VS Taken: 5 Out of 7
  • AP Scores: NA Yet (Taking Physics 2, Calculus AB, Chemistry, One of the Literature’s [not sure yet])

ECs: (In no Particular Order)

  • Taekwondo (12 Yrs)
    • 200+ Hours Volunteer French Immersion Coach (4 Yrs)
    • Black Belt Club - Senior Member (3 Yrs)
    • Regional Champion
  • Global Awareness Club - President (3 Yrs)
    • Raised Over $4K with 600+ Participants
    • Led 20+ Members
    • Saved 200+ Live’s through Move for Mana
  • Math Club - Vice-President (2 Yrs)
    • Tutored 10+ Middle Schoolers for 2 year’s (Weekly)
    • 3rd in Canada Purple Contest (National)
  • Robotics Club - Vice-President (3 Yrs)
    • 2x Finalist AstroPi Competition (Top
      200/5000 Teams)
    • Regional VEX Spin-Up Finalist
  • Debate Team - Captain (3 Yrs)
    • Provincial Competitor/ Regional Champion
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites - Senior Breakfast
    Attendant (3 Yrs)
    • Trained in 4+ departments (ALL)
    • Certificate of Recognition

Essays/LORs/Other: Solid (Put in lots of time)

Schools I’m planning on applying to:

  • Stanford (CS) [EA]
  • Cornell (CS) [EA]
  • Harvard (CS)[EA]
  • Princeton (Mechanical Eng.)[EA]
  • CalTech (Mechanical Eng.)[EA]
  • Yale (CS) [EA]
  • Vanderbilt (CS)[EA]
  • University of Chicago (CS)[EA]
  • McMaster (Mechatronics) [RD]
  • Waterloo (Mechatronics & CS) [RD]
  • McGill (Mechanical) [RD]
  • UofT, Scarborough (CS & Mechanical) [RD]

NOTE: I’m really only testing my luck with the US school’s since I’m not too sure I’m a competitive enough applicant, my real back bone are the Canadian school’s. As for finance’s, I can only apply to Need-Blind US school’s due to their astronomical cost’s. As for Cornell and Caltech, they offer generous financial aid so I think it’ll be fine. My parent’s are contributing a total of $5K for my tuition and I’ve saved up $20K so far, the rest I hope to pay through a combination of Co-op, working throughout the school year, scholarships/grant’s and lastly, if absolutely necessary, loans. I’m truly having a tough time deciding on whether my school list is valid or realistic, so please give me your honest thoughts. Also, should I remove Yale since it’s not really a tech school? Any advice is sincerely appreciated!

Hi there. You have already received advice on your previous thread and I’m not sure there’ll be anything different here.

I’ll repeat a couple of key points here regarding the financial aspect:

Need blind only means they don’t look at your financial need during admissions. It does not necessarily mean they’ll also provide financial aid to meet your need.

Both Cornell and Caltech are need aware for international applicants.


As mentioned on your other thread, internships and co-ops will not pay enough to cover your costs. And you cannot work outside the campus through the school year on a student visa.

And more importantly:

Please look at the suggestions you’ve already received in the other thread. Good luck.

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