Revoked Acceptance.....

<p>I just received a letter from my accepted college.
The letter stated,
"...gave serious consideration to revoking your admission, your admission has been upheld conditional upon your attending a mandatory meeting with the dean on the afternoon of Aguust 30, 2010. Please Plan accordingly..."</p>

<p>Okay... I'm so thankful that they are giving me a chance... to be still in the school.. and I do not want to miss it.</p>

<p>What do I have to say to the dean, to assure them I will do my best at the school?</p>

<p>Please, any advices will be appreciated.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>tell us why are you being revoked.</p>

<p>^ I agree.</p>

<p>Tell the truth. Say you are sorry and you have learned from your mistake. </p>

<p>AND MEAN IT.</p>

<p>Bad grades senior year, I don't want to go into details why I got bad grades, but they were bad enough for them to consider revoking me.</p>

<p>Actually you do. You need to explain every thing here, just like many others. seach those out. There were success and there were failures to reverse the college decision. They all fess up, nevertheless.</p>

<p>You don't have to tell us the truth, but fully explain to the committee what happened. There are no "tricks" or "strategies" - be honest, and tell everything. Express your remorse and justify why you will perform well when the school year starts.</p>

<p>Seems awfully late in the game for this. This can't be the first contact you've had with the college regarding this is it?</p>

<p>OP, do NOT post details here. You are already very identifiable from your past posting history. Be sure your explanation is consistent. Do not dwell on the excuses--they've seen and heard it all, and you can be sure your reasons pale in comparison to what others have suffered. Your pitch needs to focus on what you have done to recover, prevent recurrence and prepare to be the student they bargained for. </p>

<p> reminded this is a public forum, and the more you post, the easier it is to figure out who you are. Don't be naive--colleges do follow CC. And then there are busy bodies who delight in sending anonymous heads ups to "interesting" posts.</p>