Revoked College Admissions???

I am currently at a community college and have been accepted to several universities, one of them being UCSD. This semester I need to drop one of my courses. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience where there acceptance has been revoked once you dropped a course you had listed as in progress. The class I need to drop is not one that I necessarily needed and I already had enough units to transfer even without that one course. Please let me know if any of you have had an experience where your acceptance has been taken back due to a situation like this.

I would contact UCSD to check with them before dropping the course.

I did contact them. The counselor told me that they may take back my acceptance. I asked her if she thinks that they would do something like that and she said that she doesn’t think so but I’m still worried.

So you turn for reassurance to anonymous posters on the internet who don’t work in UCSD admissions, who have no idea how similar their situation is to yours?

Why do you "need’ to drop the course?

Erin, sometimes it might not help them with the major they chose. For example, I took biology then I drop the course because it won’t help me with my major meteorology.