<p>I was accepted to oxford collge of emory university. I decided to attend it, since it was really the only college I wanted to go to. I planned to transfer after two years and go study at the main branch. When I got my acceptance, my parents hired some scholarship professional to take care of my scholarships, to get the most money out of it. They also payed for the application fee and the online orientation fee. I spent weeks and months sending in all the required documents and files they needed. After I finished everything on my To Do List, Oxford sent me a mail yesterday telling me I got revoked because I failed a class. If they told me I would be revoked because of my F, I would have taken summer school to make up for it. Now, almost approaching July with no other college to apply to, I am stuck and do not know what to do. Should I take a year off and go to college next year? If you were in my shoes, what would you do.</p>

<p>I suggest examining what you did that resulted in an "F" grade, and then doing whatever would be necessary to change that behavior. This may include examining your acceptance package from Oxford to see if you overlooked information that the acceptance was contingent on an acceptable final transcript. That's what colleges usually say to accepted students.</p>

<p>Then, go to community college, get excellent grades and transfer to Oxford or to another college that youd enjoy.</p>



<p>I've never seen a college acceptance letter that didn't include some statement about how they expect you to finish your studies succesfully, or continue with your current level of academic performance, or something like that. Unless Emory accepted you with some prior Fs already showing on your transcript, there is no reason to believe that getting an F in your final semester would be acceptable to them.</p>

<p>I'm sorry this has happened. I suggest you make up the class at the high school or community college and then reapply next year.</p>

<p>If I were you I would start looking immediately at Santa Barba City College. I will try to pull a few other schools for you, this must be horrible.</p>

<p>I will see if I can pull some other universities but a long with Santa Barbara City College look at other community colleges in larger cities ( what ever your preference is), perhaps look at states where you can establish residency attending a CC that have a host of great public universities you can transfer into after two years. California would be one great state to look at for your situation. Good luck.</p>