RHIT vs. Purdue

<p>Hey guys! I've got to make a tough decision and wanted to see what you thought.
I will be posting this to the Purdue page as well.</p>

<p>I'm thinking that I will be an EE/CE, and I'm trying to decide between
Purdue and Rose-Hulman. Ignore price as a factor right now, I want to concentrate
on issues such as environment, job placement, and how people feel going in and
coming out of each.</p>

<p>What do you guys think?</p>

<p>You can do some of your own objective analysis between the schools below.</p>

<p>At first glance they seem a little night and day to me. Purdue is about twice as big as far as faculty much bigger in terms of enrollment. Purdue is cheaper ... much cheaper if you are paying in state.</p>

<p>Like any college decision you'll have to balance your desires with finacial lens.</p>


<p>College</a> Navigator - Purdue University-Main Campus</p>


<p>College</a> Navigator - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology</p>

<p>To get an idea of the freshman that will be attending RHIT visit there web page at:</p>

<p>Login</a> | Facebook</p>

<p>I believe I saw another post on the FB page that was undecided too. See if Purdue Frosh have a FB too.</p>

<p>Two other important questions you might ask would be:</p>

<p>Do the instructors speak English?</p>


<p>Is it this university's goal to weed students out or to help them succeed?</p>

<p>Good luck with your decision!</p>