Rhodes College decision?

Hey everyone! I applied RD to Rhodes and I haven’t received a decision letter yet. Their twitter says that they were mailed out the 13th of March so I’m a bit worried. I’m from Massachusetts but regardless, it should have come by now. Anyone else facing this problem?

Another note- I received two emails from them (one sent on the 19th and the other the 20th). One of them invited me to their preview day saying:

"Just a reminder that on Saturday, April 11, we have planned a special program for you and your parents. Preview 2015 will allow you to:

Attend a class taught by a Rhodes faculty member
Get an insider’s view of the Rhodes student experience and enjoy a fun time with current students
Hear from prominent Memphis leaders about the Rhodes/Memphis connection
Eat lunch with a Rhodes student host
Tour the campus and see a residence hall room"

The other email was this:

"Join us for The Multicultural Visit Program (MVP)! This is an excellent opportunity for multicultural students to check out the campus, meet current students, and attend Preview!

A current student will host you during your stay. Don’t forget your sleeping bag!

Included in the activities are dinner at a local restaurant and a night full of fun with current students. On Saturday, we invite you to join us for Accepted Student Preview Day where you will be able to interact with other prospective families and hear from current students, faculty and staff.

To register for MVP, students must fill out the online registration form. We are also offering a $400 travel voucher once you arrive on campus to help with the costs of making your way here. You must register by April 3rd, 2015 at 11:59 PM in order to be considered."

It is my understanding that Preview Day at Rhodes is ONLY for accepted students but I’m not entirely sure. Does anyone know if my invitation was sent to all prospective students? Does anyone have a clue what’s going on?

You could try checking the portal…

Sounds like you were admitted, and the decision did not reach you by mail for some reason.

Call up your admissions counselor, and get the scoop directly.

Good luck! Great school!

One of my son’s friends has also not received his letter although he most certainly will get in. The Preview Day is only for accepted students. I suggest calling the school in the morning. Their admissions office needs to know that there is a problem with their letters not being received. Great school, by the way.

@ColdinMinny‌ , @JBtigers‌ I will definitely make sure to call both the Admissions Office and my counselor tomorrow! Thank you both for your input and well wishes!

Side note, @JBtigers‌ I requested to join the official Rhodes Class of 2019 Facebook page only for admitted students and they accepted me into the group. I’m assuming I’m on their accepted students list there which means I’m technically accepted? Maybe your son’s friend could try that? Best of luck to him and your son!

The same thing happened to me. My original admissions letter never came, but today I received a post card from my admissions rep. I also got a letter from President Trout. Try checking your mail for those, but I think some of the original letters were lost. Good luck!

I think some of the original letters were lost by the post office. My son’s friend received the letter from President Trout today (so did my son who was accepted EA). I hope you got through to your admissions counselor. You need to receive the acceptance letter as it contains the page you have to send back accepting your spot. Congrats!