Rhodes College Early Action 2019

Son has applied EA and we are eagerly waiting for Jan.15 for the acceptance letter. We are hoping for an invite to the scholarship symposium. Does anyone have any idea when that invitation would come?

Has anyone heard anything yet about symposium or EA acceptance?

Nothing here in the Great White (and Frigid) North.

Good luck!

I received a call today saying I was accepted and eligible to compete for scholarships, so the school must have started alerting people. Emails will be sent out Monday. Good luck!

I too received a call informing me that I was accepted and invited to the scholarship symposium.

Congratulations! I’m still waiting here. Currently on the other side of the world :stuck_out_tongue: I hope I receive some good news next week, but I’m not feeling too hopeful haha.

What date did they say the Symposium is scheduled, or did they give you a choice?


Nothing as yet for my D, but she did receive an email yesterday from the financial aid office stating the received CSS Profile “will be taken into consideration when determining your financial aid package on February 10th”. An indication of an acceptance conveyed by the admissions office to the financial aid office? Who knows, but here’s hoping!

Congrats to those who have heard. We did get the same email about the CSS profile yesterday. Hoping to get a call soon.

Maddie 6194 Do you mean that decision emails will be sent out on Monday in lieu of or in addition to a letter mailed on the 15th?

eli1067, everything I have heard and read indicate that they send both email and snail mail.

Good luck!

Thank you ColdinMinny!

Admissions called my house on Friday while I was out of state. Hopefully, it was an acceptance! I’m going to call them back later today and see…

I got the call from my admissions rep on Friday. She said an email with more information would be coming today

Where are you all from who received the phone call?

Has anyone received an email yet?

I’m from Louisiana. No email yet

So, I called back the admissions officer and I got accepted with a $23k merit scholarship! I was also invited to the scholarship symposium!

She told my mom to keep it a secret. She knew the whole time… :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, congratulations to everyone that got accepted!

Those of you getting phone calls…are you ED2 or EA1? And are all acceptances sent by paper mail first…and then followed up by emails? Or both concurrently?

@akacesfan Congratulations! Did you, by any chance, hear when the admissions office will send decisions via email? I thought it was supposed to be today…