Rhodes College Early Action Results 2016

Anyone else apply? It is almost time for notification. DD has not had any communication from them. Anyone else heard anything?

No. I believe that this Friday, Jan. 15, is the EA notification deadline.

The other schools that we have applied to have sent out e-mails on the EA notification deadline date; so I am not expecting anything before then.

Thanks for starting this thread. We are eagerly awating the EA results as well.

Here is an update: Rhodes said we could check our portals after 6:00 p.m. central on 1/15 to receive our decision.

Thanks for the update, my daughter is waiting as well.

Good Luck everyone!

Has anyone been able to access their decision? The portal still shows the Application Checklist for my daughter.

I haven’t been able to access anything either. Are we 100% sure it was supposed to be 6 pm central?

Still nothing!

I emailed the admissions counselor. Will let you know what I hear.

Is there a certain section on the portal that we just aren’t clicking on?

Rhodes admission tweeted about a minute ago: “Are you checking your email? Early action decisions are flying to you right… Now! Decisions will not be available via student portal.”

Has anyone heard anything?

still nothing!!!

Got it!!

We just received my daughters!!! Admitted!

My daughter got it also! Yay!

Got accepted!!


Yeah!!! Accepted!!!