Rhodes College Fall 2017 Transfer

Anyone else applying for transfer? My daughter is a soph at a highly-ranked women’s college and is miserable w/ the politics and lack of social life.
She is very interested in Rhodes for its academics, campus, reputation.
Hope to hear from others looking to transfer

which all-girls college?

also I heard Memphis is not a great city

We live in Memphis and love the city! We’ve lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Albuquerque, Nashville and Memphis and have visited dozens and dozens of other cities. And I’d say Memphis is one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever been to!

Hi- I was admitted as a transfer student today and would love to just provide a little info about myself, if that’s useful. Merit scholarships at 23k and total at 30k, and I applied as a non-resident

Female, causasian, my permanent address is in Memphis but I go to a small relatively unknown LAC in the Northeast.
Current sophomore
GPA: 3.68 with rigorous classes, I also got a concussion S16 which dropped my GPA a bit
Major: Economics and International Affairs
ECs: vice president of Model UN, vice president of my school’s branch of an international nonprofit which assigns students to internships abroad (AIESEC), helped start the student newspaper on campus, started the track team on campus, played soccer for the school, had an internship at the American Institute for Economic Research (was published in March), getting pilot’s license

Scores: ACT 35, SAT 2170 (730M, 740CR, 670W)

Went to well ranked public high school in Tennessee.
EC: French club, German Club, went to robotics world championship and mentored my old team in freshman year of high school, ran track and played lacrosse and field hockey (but didn’t list the latter 2 on my app)
APs were Euro (4), Art History (4) and BC Calc (5)
Took all of the honors classes I was allowed, UW GPA was probably about 3.9-3.95 and W was around 4.5 but I’ve never seen those transcripts.

Hook: I dropped out of high school to start college 2 years early

@wshsrc How were you notified? I applied in February and I have yet to hear back… I thought decisions were supposed to be released by May 1.

I got in on April 28. No word on financial package yet. @lpd512 I hope it worked out for you!

@gaking Thanks! Congrats! I have not gotten a decisions yet. I just called and they said they were still making a decision so I feel like that is not a good sign. :frowning:

Still have not heard back