Rhodes College Regular Decision - Class of 2020

The wait begin.
Does anyone know the exact date when the decision will be out?

Decisions are out. Wait listed :frowning:

Rejected :frowning:

Has anybody else not heard back yet?

Waitlisted as well :frowning:


Wait listed because of a lack of interest. I did really like the school, but I never reached out to them so I understand their reasoning

They didn’t give me a reason to wait list. Maybe because of aid requirement.

@ZainSD If you don’t mind me asking, what did your waitlist letter say?

“The task of selecting the members of the Class of 2020 has been a difficult one. Due to the large number of students who have applied for admission this year, we are unable to grant acceptance to every qualified candidate, such as yourself, who would add to and profit from the educational community at Rhodes. However, I wish to offer you a place on our wait list for possible further consideration.”

i was accepted under EA with 3.4 GPA and 32 ACT and i think that applying under EA really gave me a boost cuz it showed interest

I got accepted off the wait list!! :slight_smile: