Rhodes-Name recognition in the NE

<p>My d has been tirelessly researching and visiting colleges all spring and summer. After visiting Rhodes it has become her top choice - by far! She loves the small classes, the community service element, the search program, strong focus on academics and its location in Memphis. It seems like a great fit.</p>

<p>As a rising senior she is constantly being asked what colleges she is applying to and so far she has not met a single person who has ever heard of Rhodes. In Naviance Rhodes is the only college she is considering that no one in her high school has ever applied to.</p>

<p>She is concerned that if she moves back to Massachusetts/the northeast the human resources departments will skip over her resume when they don't recognize Rhodes. Hopefully she will have some great internships during college and that will trump the name recognition of the college she attended but we aren't sure. She knows Rhodes is well regarded in the academic world so graduate schools will recognize the quality of her education but at age 17 she isn't sure she will go right into graduate school.</p>

<p>I realize many LAC grads experience this same problem. Can anyone share their experiences? Thank you!</p>

I realize many LAC grads experience this same problem.


<p>Yep. H graduated from Swarthmore, and I cannot tell you how many people have asked him, "Really? I thought that was a women's college."</p>

<p>I don't have any good advice for you, but D is about to start her third year at Rhodes, and overall she (and we) have been pleased with her experience.</p>

<p>We just got back from a visit to Rhodes, and D2 loved it. She doesn't care who has heard of it and who hasn't. I went to Knox ("Where?") and D1 goes to Austin College ("You mean Austin Community College?").</p>

<p>I had no trouble at all getting a job with the Vanguard Group (headquartered outside Philly) right out of college. After that first job the undergrad degree stopped mattering so much on the resume. Still helps a ton in actually doing the work, though!</p>

<p>I moved to Memphis for a position at a fortune 100 company, never heard of Rhodes, but have had several Interns and they are exceptional students. A hiring manager like me will do due dilligence ( called Google) and see what schools are about.</p>

<p>Well my Father applied to: Stanford, Cornell, Carleton, Grinnell, and Lawrence University.</p>

<p>He got into them all (So I bet your thinking he went to Stanford, maybe Cornell.) He went to Lawrence University. It's all about fit, too many teens are worrying about prestige. Him going there and graduating with a 3.7 GPA still got him into every graduate program he applied to (USC, UC Boulder, a couple Ivy leagues, and Northwestern.)</p>

<p>Go where you're happy!</p>

<p>good advice and agree most all LACs face this name brand recognition…</p>

<p>Rhodes is not known around the country. However, I do find that when someone DOES know of it their eyes light up and they say something to the tune of, “Oh! Rhodes…very good school”.</p>

<p>Depends what she wants to do when she gets out. Rhodes is stronger in some areas than others. If willing to stay in Memphis a few years after graduating, I have found that Rhodes has a tremendous reputation locally and is the best school in any direction for 3 hours.</p>