Rhodes vs Mount Holyoke

Hi everyone! I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Could you help me decide which school to attend? Please share your opinions!

About me and what I want in a school: I really, really want to study Italian in college (double majoring with anthropology). Unfortunately Rhodes doesn’t offer any Italian courses, so that’s kind of holding me back from committing to Rhodes. On the other hand, Mount Holyoke seems perfect except for the loans that I’m going to have to take out. I would just commit to Mount Holyoke, but I want to go to grad school as well, and there’s a big possibility that I’m going to have to take out even more loans to get my MA…

Here’s my pros and cons list of the two schools:


Better weather

Mount Holyoke:
5 college consortium
Offers Italian
Easier distribution requirements
Better dorms and food


Fewer course selections
Doesn’t offer Italian
Dorms and food are average

Mount Holyoke:
More expensive (will graduate 28k in loans)
Long winter

@dancingwater Where did you end up and why? We are in similar delima and want your perspective. Appreciate your help.